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Supporting Acorns Childrens Hospice-(Birmingham)
Visit our Acorns Page - here and help us raise funds.


GT3 6hr CHARITY TEAM RACE - Sunday January 31st
31 slot racers from 8 clubs took part in Sunday’s GT3 6-hour Charity team race in aid of Acorns Children’s Hospice. Both tracks were in simultaneous action with the teams covering a total of 23,306 laps with their 1/32 scale NSR GT3 cars by the time the flag fell. The Demon Slots Team (Phil Field, Keith Clements and Bill Charters) took first place in the visitor’s category, finishing 3rd overall behind the “home” teams. The event raised £210 which the Wolverhampton Club will be passing to the Acorns Children’s Hospice – bringing our fundraising efforts for this Charity to over £3,000 since we first started running the GT3 6hr Charity event

Results: 1. Wulf Pac 2,848.02 laps, 2. Wulfrunians 2,780.98, 3. Demon Slots 2,766.49, 4. Tru Speed 2,715.17, 5. North Staffs 2,518.41, 6. Quorn 2,484.04, 7. Rockingham 2,465.07, 8. Weobley 2,422.17, 9. Melton Mowbray 2,305.95

A big “Thank You” to everyone that took for your tremendous support which is greatly appreciated. More photos from the event can be found on the Wolverhampton Slot Car Club Facebook page. Malcolm Scotto, WSCC Club President 

YULE TIDE CUP 2015/16Friday January 29th 
 YTC Round 8 of 8 – DTM’s, International track


Nick Huxley wins the Series. Ian wins the Final round and sets 3 DTM track records…

Results (4x4 min heats) – 1. Ian (SCX Audi RS5) 120.35 laps, 2. Chris (Carrera Audi RS5) 117.77, 3. Matt (Carrera BMW M3) 116.35, 4. Roy (Carrera Audi RS5) 116.22, 5. Nick H (Carrera Audi RS5) 116.00, 6. Mike (SCX Audi RS5) 112.81, 7. Bill (Carrera BMW M3) 111.19, 8. Kevin (Carrera BMW M3) 108.07, 9. Paul L. (SCX Mercedes AMG) 99.69,


Fastest laps: Blue: Ian 8.155s., Red: Ian 7.972s. (record), Yellow: Ian 7.972s. (record), White: Ian 8.080s. (record).

So that’s the Yule Tide Cup done and dusted for this year. “Thank you” to Roy Pritchards for sponsoring the event - the racing was good and numerous track records were broken.  We also tested some new set-ups for the 2016 Club Champs – so look out for some fast Ferrari’s and DTM’s this season.

Final standings (best 5 scores after 8 rounds): 1. Nick H. 98 pts, 2. Roy 95 pts, 3. Ian 90 pts, 4 Chris 90 pts, 5. Ashley 82 pts, 6. Richy 80 pts, 7. Bill 74 pts, 8. Mike 73 pts, 9. Kevin 62 pts, 10. Malcolm 52 pts, 11. Erik 51 pts, 12. Mark 42 pts. (Eligibility 5 scores minimum).

The Yule Tide awards will be presented this Friday (Feb 4th) along with the Draw for the “mystery” prize for those racers who took part in 5 rounds of the series.

This Friday (Feb 4th) we kick-off the 2016 Club Champs on the ALDERSLEY track – Ferrari’s (3 minute heats and finals). Doors open at 7pm – racing starts 8pm

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YULE TIDE CUP 2015/16 - Friday January 22nd
Round 7 – DTM’s, Aldersley track, heats and finals


A hat-trick of wins for Nick Huxley takes the series.  New spec’ DTM’s hit the track for the first time. Lap records for Ian and Chris. The race is still on for 2nd and 3rd places…


Heats (5x3 mins) – 1. Nick H (SCX-Sloting Plus Audi A5) 127.98 laps, 2. Chris. ( Audi A5) 126.79, 3. Roy (Carrera-Sloting Plus BMW M3) 126.66, 4. Ian (SCX-Sloting Plus Audi A5) 126.53, 5. Matt ( BMW M3) 126.52, 6. Ashley ( BMW M3) 125.40, 7 Bill ( BMW M3) 122.03, 8. Nick Wixon ( Audi A5) 121.30, 9. Mike ( Audi A5) 120.30, 10. Richy ( BMW M3) 119.02, 11. Paul G ( BMW M3) 117.42, 12. Kevin ( BMW M3) 116.35, 13. Paul Leyshon (SCX-Sloting Plus Mercedes AMG) 109.28.


Finals (3 mins, winner moves up) - ‘C’ Final: 1st Kevin 24.05 laps, ‘B’ Final: 1st Ashley 25.72 laps ‘A’ Final: 1st Nick H (26.28 laps), 2nd Ian (25.88), 3rd Ashley. (25.05), 4th Chris (24.75), 5th Roy (21.63).

Fastest laps: White: Ian 6.995s. (new record), Yellow: Ian 6.884s., Green: Chris 6.954s. (new record), Red: Chris 6.969s. Blue: Chris 6.968s. (new record).

Driver’s standings (best 5 scores after 7 rounds): 1. Nick H. 98 pts, 2. Roy 95 pts, 3. Chris 88 pts, 4. Ian 84 pts, 5. Ashley 82 pts, 6. Richy 80 pts, 7. Bill 72 pts, 8. Mike 68 pts, 9. Kevin 60 pts, 10. Lewis 57 pts, 11. Malcolm 52 pts, 12. Erik 51 pts, 13. Paul G 50 pts, 15. Nick W 48 pts, 16. Mark 42 pts. (Top 5 scores from 8 rounds to count for awards).

This Friday (Jan 29) we’re back on the INTERNATIONAL track for the Final Round of this year’s Yule Tide Cup; DTM’s 4x4 minute heats total distances. Doors open at 7pm – racing starts 8pm

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 YULE TIDE CUP 2015/16 - Friday January 15th 

Another win for Nick Huxley... Black Arrow 458’s take to the track...


Results (4x4 min heats) – 1. Nick H (Racer 512BB) 124.05 laps, 2. Roy. (Black Arrow 458) 121.35, 3. Ian (Racer 512BB) 120.36, 4. Chris ( F40) 119.27, 5. Richy (Black Arrow 458) 117.69, 6. Bill (Racer 512BB) 115.50, 7. Mike ( 312PB) 113.03, 8. Kevin ( F40) 109.58, 9. Paul L ( F40) 101.19, 10. Erik (Black Arrow 458) 95.29, 11. Malcolm ( 312PB) 86.46, 12. Mark (car) 77.68.


Fastest laps: Blue: Nick H 7.745s (record). Red: Nick H. 7.697s (record), Yellow: Nick H 7.761s. White: Richy 7.938s.

Driver’s standings (best 5 scores after 6 rounds): 1. Nick H. 96 pts, 2. Roy 95 pts, 3. Chris 88 pts, 4. Richy 80 pts, 5. Ian 79 pts, 6. Bill 70 pts, 7. Ashley 64, =8. Kevin & Mike 58 pts, 10. Lewis 57 pts, 11. Malcolm 52 pts, 12. Erik 51 pts, 13. Mark 42 pts, 14. Paul G 39 pts, 15. Nick W 35 pts, 16. Andrew 23 pts. (Top 5 scores from 8 rounds to count for awards).

This Friday (Jan 22) we switch to the ALDERSLEY track for Round 7 of the Yule Tide Cup (DTM’s), 3 minute heats and finals. Doors open at 7pm – racing starts 8pm

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 YULE TIDE CUP 2015/16 Friday January 8th 

Friday’s racing saw a win for Nick Huxley, which takes him to the top of the driver’s points standings after 5 rounds of the series.


Heats (5x3 mins) – 1. Chris ( F40) 130.90 laps, 2. Nick H. (Racer 512BB) 130.66, 3. Ian (Racer 512BB) 129.32, 4. Ashley ( F40) 129.23, 5. Bill (Racer 512BB) 126.52, 6. Richy (Racer 512BB) 123.18, 7. Nick W (Racer 512BB) 121.36, 8. Kevin ( F40) 119.82, 9. Paul (Fly F40) 110.08, 10. Erik ( 312PB) 100.83, 11. Mark (Ninco 360) 90.78, 12. Andrew (Fly F40) 86.31, 13. Malcolm ( 312PB).


Finals (3 mins, winner moves up) - ‘C’ Final: 1st Paul 23.91 laps, ‘B’ Final: 1st Bill 25.59 laps ‘A’ Final: 1st Nick H (26.85 laps), 2nd Chris (26.52), 3rd Ashley. (26.11), 4th Ian (26.09), 5th Bill (24.71).

Fastest laps: White: Ashley 6.921s., Yellow: Nick H. 6.808s., Green: Chris 6.714s. (new record), Red: Chris 6.784s. Blue: Ashley 6.919s.

Driver’s standings (after 5 rounds): 1. Nick H. 91 pts, 2.  Chris 86 pts, 3. Richy 79 pts, 4. Roy 76 pts, 5. Ian 74 pts, 6. Lewis 57 pts, 7. Ashley 57 pts, 8. Bill 55 pts, 9. Malcolm 49 pts, 10. Erik 45 pts, 11=. Kevin & Erik 45 pts, 13. Paul 39 pts, 14. Mark 37 pts, 15. Nick W. 35 pts, 16. Andrew 23 pts, 17. Rob 13pts, 18. Matt 11 pts, 19. Sam 8 pts. (Top 5 scores from 8 rounds to count for awards).

This Friday (Jan 15) we move to the International track for Round 6 of the Yule Tide Cup (Ferrari’s ), 4x4 minute heats total distances. Doors open at 7pm – racing starts 8pm

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YULE TIDE CUP 2015/16 Friday December 18th  

Seventeen racers - including Welsh visitors -  enjoyed an evening of track action and festive fun. Congrats to Ashley for his win and to Lewis and Nick H. on their new Open GT lap records...

Fastest laps –White lane: Roy 7.731s, Yellow lane: Nick H. 7.481s (record), Red lane: Ashley 7.467s, Blue lane: Lewis 7.365s (record).

At the half-way point in the Yule Tide Cup, Roy maintains his lead in the Series, 5 points ahead of Nick H. Racing resumes at 8pm on Friday January 8th on the Aldersley track – Yule Tide Cup Round 5: Ferrari’s (3 minute heats and finals). With new rules for this class in 2016, expect to see some different set-ups taking to the track, as well as new cars such as the fabulous Black Arrow Ferrari 458 GT3 Italia…

On behalf of Malcolm and myself, here’s wishing you a Merry Christmas and happy slot racing in 2016!

IMPORTANT NOTICE! - Extraordinary General Meeting, Wednesday 30th December 2015 – 8 pm (doors open at 7pm). Club Members will receive a copy of the Agenda by email.

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YULE TIDE CUP 2015/16 Friday December 11th  


Yule Tide Cup 2015/16: Round 3 – Open GT, Aldersley track, 5x3 min heats and finals.

Heats (5x3 mins) – Fourteen racers lined-up for round 3 of the Yule Tide Cup. The heats saw some quick lap times throughout the field. Mike was quick all evening, with 6.5 second laps on yellow and green lanes. Kevin couldn’t quite match his warm-up time of 6.6s. on yellow lane, but still managed a 6.8 during the heats. Lewis top qualified on 140.46 laps, setting news lap records on green, red and blue lanes. Also straight through to the ‘A’ Final were Nick H. and Roy who’d qualified second and third respectively.  After a close race in the ‘B’ Final it was Chris and Mike who took the final two places in the top final.

Finals (3 mins, top 2 move up) - ‘D’ Final: 1st Kevin, 2nd. Bill, ‘C’ Final: 1st Richy, 2nd Ian, ‘B’ Final: 1st Chris, 2nd Mike, ‘A’ Final: 1st Lewis (28.35 laps), 2nd Roy (27.85), 3rd Nick H. (27.46), 4th Chris (27.18), 5th Mike (27.07).

Fastest laps: White: Nick H. 6.449s., Yellow: Lewis 6.305s., Green: Lewis 6.271s. (record), Red: Lewis 6.299s (record), Blue: Lewis 6.391s. (record).

Driver’s standings (after 3 rounds): 1. Roy 58 pts, 2= Chris and Nick H 52 pts, 4. Richy 48 pts, 5. Ian 44 pts, 6. Lewis 40 pts, 7. Bill 39 pts, 8. Malcolm 31 pts, 9= Erik and Mike 30 pts, 11. Mark 25 pts, 12. Kevin 23 pts, 13. Ashley 18 pts, 14= Nick W, Rob and Paul 13 pts, 17. Andrew 8 pts. (Top 5 scores from 8 rounds to count for awards).

This Friday (Dec 18) we move to the INTERNATIONAL track for Round 4 of the Yule Tide Cup (Open GT’s), 4x4 minute heats total distances. Doors open 7pm, racing starts 8pm - local slot racers welcome, please contact Malcolm if you would like to race.

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YULE TIDE CUP 2015/16 Friday December 4th

Yule Tide Cup Round 2: In-lines (International track 4x4 min heats total distances): – 1. Lewis (Audi R8C) 128.51 laps, 2. Roy (Porsche 911 GT1) 124.73 laps, 3. Ashley (Toyota 88C) 124.68 laps, 4. Chris (Toyota 88C) 122.59 laps. (12 racers).

Race Report: Lewis, Ashley and Nick Wixon joined the Yule Tide Cup for round 2 of the series. As early as heat three, it was clear that Ashley’s Inline lap records were at risk, with Lewis knocking a tenth off the lap record for red lane in his first run. And that was just for starters; by the end of the heats Lewis had demolished the lap records for all four lanes, taking the win by nearly 4 laps ahead of the field. The battle for second between Roy and Ashley was a lot closer – Roy taking the place by 0.05 laps ahead of Ashley.

Fastest laps:  Lewis set 4 new lap records for In-lines; White lane:  7.454s, Yellow lane: 7.391s, Red lane: 7.357s, Blue lane: 7.449s.

With a win and a second place in the first two rounds Roy retains his series lead. This Friday we return to the Aldersley track for Round 3 of the Yule Tide Cup (Open GT’s), 3 minute heats and Finals. Doors open 7pm, racing starts 8pm - local slotracers welcome, please contact Malcolm if you would like to race.

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YULE TIDE CUP 2015/16 Friday November 27th

Yule Tide Cup Round 1 - In-lines, Aldersley track, 4x3 min heats and finals.


This winter’s Yule Tide Cup kicked-off with In-lines on the Aldersley track. Twelve racers line-up for the racing – including visiting slot racer Rob W. The draw for starting lanes saw Roy’s name first out of the hat. This was a sign of things to come because Roy top qualified in the heats and, together with Nick H, went straight through to the ‘A’ final. Richy, Chris, Ian and Bill battled their way through the step-ups with Richy and Chris taking the two remaining slots in the top final. An “off” by Roy on lap 4 of the 3 minute ‘A’ final lost him 2 seconds. But a series of 6.6 second laps saw Roy regain the lead from Nick before the halfway point. Meanwhile Richy and Chris were having their own battle for third place which went down to the last lap. Contact between the two took Richy off the track briefly on lap 15 – but Chris slowed to let him catch-up and continue their race. When the 3 minutes were up Roy crossed the line ahead of Nick.  A lap down on the leading pair, Chris took third having passed Richy who’d had a big moment going through the final esses on their last lap.  Racing throughout the field had been very close with the top 7 drivers all running six second laps in the heats.  Fastest lap went to Roy with a 6.663 second lap on Yellow lane in the ‘A’ final with his Porsche 911 GT1. 

Round 1 was a clean-sweep for Roy; First out of the hat (!), Top Qualifier, Finals Winner and Fastest lap. Other notable performances came from visitor Rob who did well, beating several home members.  Special mention also to young Mark who pushed his Dad Erik hard all evening.

This Friday it’s back to the International track and Round 2 of the Yule Tide Cup - In-lines (4x4 minute heats, distance totals). Doors open 7pm, racing starts 8pm (please let Malcolm know that you will be racing).  Can Roy continue his winning form? REV.

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Classic F1 Meeting 2015 Sunday November 22nd

Club Champs 2015  - Friday November 20th 

Thirteen racers line-up for Friday’s Season Finale – the Ferrari Double-header. Chris took his 13th win of the season in the Club Championships. Held back by mechanical problems in the heats, Ashley was in full attack mode for the final round of the Ferrari Helmet challenge - which he won having raced his way up through the ‘C’ and ‘B’ finals. Erik recorded his first win by beating Malcolm, Andrew and Mark (Erik’s young son) to the flag in the ‘D’ final. After the racing Malcolm presented the Club Championships and Ferrari Helmet awards. Ian presented Pendle Slot Racing Gift vouchers to the winners and a Toyota 88C slot car to 2015 Club Championships winner Chris. Other award winners were - Kevin Sharples (“WS Trophy”) and Mike Gunton (“Most Improved Driver”).  Both Mike and Kev have achieved good results in this seasons racing – and look set to challenge the front runners next year.

Here are last Friday’s results…

Club Championships: Ferrari’s (International track 4x3 min heats total distances): – 1. Chris (Racer Ferrari 512BB) 92.31 laps, 2. Ian Racer Ferrari 512BB) 91.00 laps, 3. Roy ( Ferrari F40) 89.17 laps, 4. Bill (Racer Ferrari 512BB) 89.12 laps. (13 racers).

Ferrari Helmet (Finals 3 mins): - ‘D’ Final winner: Erik, ‘C’ Final winner: Ashley, ‘B’ Final winner: Ashley, ‘A’ Final: 1. Ashley 20 pts, 2. Chris 19 pts 3, Roy 18 pts, 4. Ian 17 pts.

Fastest laps - White lane: Ashley 7.904 in ‘B’ Final, Yellow lane: Ashley 7.847s in Heats, Red lane: Chris 7.780s in ‘A’ Final, Blue lane: Ashley 7.805s in Heats. No new lap records.

So that’s it for this year’s Club Championships. This Friday we return to the Aldersley track for Round 1 of the Yule Tide Cup ( in-lines), 3 minute heats and Finals. Doors open 7pm, racing starts 8pm.
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Yule Tide Cup 2015/16 - Starts on Friday November 27 ( Inlines, Aldersley track, Finals). 8 Rounds, alternating between Aldersley and International tracks. Four classes - Inlines, Open GT, Ferraris, DTM's. All cars can run to 2016 rules. Normal points scoring and general rules apply. Best 5 from 8 rounds to count.Trophy and Prize for 1st, trophies for 2nd and 3rd. Trophy for top junior or newcomer. 5 scores needed to be eligible for awards. To Register please contact Malcolm by txt or call on 07740 717140. Race fee £5 per round (adults). Local Club racers welcome to take part...


Club Champs 2015  - Friday November 13th 

Race Report: Roy Pritchards made it back-to-back wins in last Friday’s GT3 round. It was Roy’s 3rd Club Championships win in the class and, added to his win in the home round of this year’s National GT3 Champs, makes him our most successful racer in the category. 

Round 41 Fastest laps GT3’s: White lane: Chris 8.148s, Yellow: Roy 7.754s, Red: Roy 7.748s, Blue: Chris 7.914s. No new lap records this week.

This Friday’s Season Finale is a Ferrari Double-Header; Part 1: Club Championships (International track, 4x3 minute heats, distance totals) / Part 2: Ferrari Helmet (Finals).

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Club Champs 2015  - Friday November 6th 


Race Report: Last Friday’s final DTM round was won by Roy (pictured) with Club Champ Chris in second place after a 1 lap race-off with Ian. There was a win for Kevin on red lane in heat 4 from Mike on blue and Bill on yellow.  Chris (the Rev) besmirched his cassock (!) in his second run by marshalling his own car on white lane and was penalise 1.75 laps.  After a big push on yellow and red lanes (setting two new lap records) Chris fought back to tie with Ian after 4 heats. The pair then had a 1 lap race-off for 2nd place which Chris won by a nose.

This Friday it’s the final round of GT3’s (International track, 4x4 minute heats, distance totals).

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WSCC Open 2015  - October 24th - 25th 


 Pre '76 Saloons Meeting 2015 - Sunday October 11th 

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