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Club Championships 2015 (week 29 of 36) – Friday 21st August




Slots of fun

Last Friday saw racing return to the Aldersley track after a 7 week break- and what fun it was! We had car-on-car contact, controller conflict – and a bizarre marshalling incident all of which made for an interesting evening. Chris top-qualified and set fastest laps on 3 out-of-4 lanes in the heats. Mike’s TruSpeed controller was affected by an electronic glitch (when Chris was on the track) and lost laps in the heats.  Then in the A final a clash between two cars resulted in a car being returned to the track in the wrong place. When the dust had settled Roy took the win with Chris crossing the finishing line a whisker ahead of Nick H. who finished 3rd. Earlier, Andrew Pillinger had experienced his first Championships races on the Aldersley track. We hope that you enjoyed it Andrew. Here are the main results… In-lines (Aldersley Track / 4x3 min heats and finals): Heats – TQ. Chris Aston ( Audi R8C) 108.14 laps, 2. Roy Pritchards ( Porsche 911 GT1) 107.23, 3. Nick Huxley ( Nissan R89C) 106.34 (10 racers).

‘C’ Final winner: Bill Charters ( Audi R8C), ‘B’ Final winner: Ian James ( Audi R18 TDI), ‘A’ Final: 1. Roy Pritchards (25 pts), 2. Chris Aston (24 pts), 3. Nick Huxley (23 pts), 4. Ian James (22 pts).

Fastest laps (Heats and Finals): Blue lane: Chris Aston 6.775 secs, Red: Chris Aston 6.702, Green: Roy Pritchards 6.630 Yellow: Nick Huxley 6.633.


This Friday it’s Group 5’s (3 minute heats and finals). If less than 12 racers we’ll be running on 4 lanes i.e. White, Yellow, Green and Red. Doors open 7pm, Racing starts 8pm

Message from Race Control - Drivers “Please try to avoid car-to-car contact, we all know each other’s driving styles by now.” – Marshals “De-slotted cars must be put back on the track at the point at which they de-slotted.”  Remember, penalties can be applied!

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Club Championships 2015 (week 28 of 36) – Friday 14th August


ferrari_line_up_2.jpgFERRARI DOUBLE-HEADER

With regular front-runners Roy (delayed by M-way chaos) and Richy (watching Aston Villa play) absent, 10 racers lined-up for the Ferrari double header races. Sam Cockerton made a welcome return for the evening - and it was soon apparent that he’d not lost any of his speed. Chris and Ashley set the pace with their F40’s in the heats. In his second run Ashley had an “off” at the end of the straight which dislodged his slot-guide - the time lost putting him down the field for the Ferrari Helmet points (overall distance scores). Clean runs on white lane in the C and the B finals rescued the situation for Ash who raced his way up into the  ‘A’ final – which he went on to win, taking maximum points for the Championships round. Nice one Ash!

Here are the main race results…

Ferrari Helmet Challenge (International track / 4x3 min Total Distance): 1. Chris Aston 20 pts, 2. Sam Cockerton 19 pts, 3. Nick Huxley 18 pts, 4. Matt Sharples 17 pts. . Chris now leads the Ferrari Helmet Challenge after 4 rounds by 1 point from Nick Huxley.

Club Championships (International track / 4x3 min heats and finals): Heats – TQ. Chris Aston ( Ferrari F40) 91.97 laps, 2. Sam Cockerton (Fly Ferrari F40) 91.09, 3. Nick Huxley (Racer Ferrari 512BB), 90.32, 4. Matt Sharples ( Ferrari F40) 89.36 (10 racers).

 ‘A’ Final (2x2 mins – “split” inner/outer lane combo’) Results: 1. Ashley Evans 31.73 laps (25 pts), 2. Chris Aston 31.34 (24 pts), 3. Sam Cockerton 30.79 (23 pts), 4. Nick Huxley 29.98 (22 pts).

Fastest laps: White lane: Ashley Evans 7.930 secs, Yellow: Sam Cockerton 7.889, Red: Chris Aston 7.793 Blue: Chris Aston 7.825.


This Friday begins the next series of races on the ALDERSLEY track - and we’ll be racing SLOT.IT INLINES (3 minute heats and finals). Doors open 7pm, racing starts 8pm

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Club Championships 2015 (week 27 of 36) – GT3's, Friday 7th August



Ad-Vantage Lewis

The Beechdean liveried NSR ‘ASV’ of Lewis Gough headed the GT3 field on Friday evening. Setting new class lap records on three out of four lanes, Lewis went on to win the A-final by over a lap. Roy Pritchards pushed hard all evening to take a strong second place, with Richy Welch and Nick Huxley finishing 3rd and 4th places respectively.



All four leading drivers (pictured) were running NSR ‘ASV’ (Aston Martin Vantage’s) which were to National GT3 Series spec’s.  Visitors are always welcome on race nights; this Friday saw former-slot racer, now tennis player, Rob “new balls please” Wallader pop his head around the door. Bill was quick to offer him the loan of a car – and Rob was soon back in the “swing" of things.  Here are the main race results…

GT3’s (International track / 4x3 min heats and Finals): Heats – TQ. Lewis Gough (NSR ASV) 93.96 laps, 2. Roy Pritchards (NSR ASV) 92.89, 3. Nick Huxley (NSR ASV) 90.34, 4. Richy Welch (NSR ASV) 90.31 (12 racers).

Fastest laps: All by Lewis Gough - White lane: 7.860 secs, Yellow: 7.648 (new record), Red: 7.535 (new outright record in A Final), Blue: 7.579 (new record)

‘A’ Final (2x2 mins – “split” inner/outer lane combo’) Results: 1. Lewis Gough 32.77 laps (25 pts), 2. Roy Pritchards 31.56 (24 pts), 3. Richy Welch 31.44 (23 pts), 4. Nick Huxley 29.69 (22 pts).

This Friday completes the current session on the International track and we’ll be racing FERRARI’s (it’s a double-header – Ferrari Helmet: 4x3 minute heats total distances - Championships: Finals). Doors open 7pm, racing starts 8pm 

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Club Championships 2015 (week 26 of 36) – Carerra DTM's, Friday 31st July



They’re big, they’re heavy and they’re a handful on the track. Yes, it was the latest round of the Carrera DTM’s last Friday evening. These big German super-saloons look fantastic on the track, but it takes maximum concentration and a fair amount of luck to put together a clean run – especially on the inside lanes. In the heats Matt and Ian were lapping fastest but were unlucky.  Roy was the most consistent and top qualified with Ian and Chris joining him in the A Final. Matt had been very quick in the heats, setting the fastest laps in three of his four runs – including a new outright DTM lap record 8.087 on red lane. He eventually took the last spot in the top final by beating off strong challenges from Ashley, Nick H. and Richy in the B Final.

Here are the main race results…

Carerra DTM’s (International track / 4x3 min heats and Finals): Heats – TQ. Roy Pritchards (BMW M3) 88.29 laps, 2. Ian James (Audi A5) 88.25, 3. Chris Aston (BMW M3) 87.09, 4. Matt Sharples (BMW M3) 86.74 (9 racers).

Fastest lap (heats): White lane: Ian 8.324 secs, Yellow: Matt S. 8.200, Red: Matt S. 8.087 (new record), Blue: Matt S. 8.236.

In the A final, Ian (on yellow) led after the first 2 minute stint by 1/10th of a lap from Chris (blue) and Roy (red) who were only 1/00th apart, with Matt (white) less than half a lap down on the lead. With all four drivers so close and running similar lap times, it was a question of who got the cleanest run in the final stint. An early "off" for Matt left the leading three battling it out. When the power went off Chris (red) had taken the win by less than half a lap on aggregate, with Ian (blue) second, Roy (white) third and Matt (yellow) fourth.

‘A’ Final (2x2 mins – “split” inner/outer lane combo’) Results: 1. Chris Aston 30.18 laps (25 pts), 2. Ian James 29.82 (24 pts), 3. Roy Pritchards 29.47 (23 pts), 4. Matt Sharples 28.93 (22 pts). 

Winning car spec’: Carerra BMW M3 body shell (standard interior), 3D chassis with ‘0’ offset in-line mount, Scaleauto SC-0026 ‘Enduro’ 22k rpm motor, 9:28 in-line gearing, LMP guide (woodtrack version), NSR 17” hubs, NSR tyres – Zero-Grip (front), Ultra-Grip (rear), weight 104.2 grams (105 gram limit). 

This Friday we’ll be racing GT3’s: 3 minute heats plus Finals Doors open 7pm, racing starts 8pm. 




Other News…STAFFORD CASTLE August 2nd

Our Rally Track was one of the attractions at last Sunday’s Classic Car Show at Stafford Castle. Show-goers entering the Visitor Centre were invited to test their driving skills on our slot car rally stage with a variety of “Classic” Scalextric cars. Amongst those to race against the clock was the Mayor of Stafford. The event was well supported by Wolves club members (senior and junior) – a big “thank you” everyone involved for your help before, during and after the show. Malcolm.




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Club Championships 2015 (week 25 of 36) – Open GT, Friday 24th July

Open GT’s took to the track on Friday evening - the class where we get to race our fastest GT and Sports cars. Lewis Gough produced a fantastic drive with his NSR Aston GT3 qualifying second and taking maximum points from the A Final. His run on blue lane in the last heat saw him set a new outright track record of 7.40 seconds. Nick Huxley put up a strong fight in the heats top qualifying by 0.44 of a lap.  
Meanwhile new member Andrew Pillinger raced with us for the first time – as did Matt Howard who won the ‘Extra’ final first time out!  The ongoing battle between Malcolm Scotto and Kevin Sharples continued with Kev taking his first and second heat wins this time out.  And the fun wasn’t just restricted to the track; a failed light bulb in the toilet meant using a torch (provided by Malcolm) if you wanted to be sure of your aim. At least one member was seen to be desperate enough to borrow said torch and brave the banter - ooh er missus!
Here are the main race results…

Open GT (International track / 4x3 min heats and Finals): Heats – TQ. Nick Huxley 95.62 laps, 2.Lewis Gough 95.18, 3. Roy Pritchards 94.64, 4. Chris Aston 94.43 (12 racers).

Fastest lap (heats): Lewis on Blue lane 7.40 secs – a new outright lap record for the International track, set with a national series spec’ NSR Aston ASV GT3!

‘A’ Final (2x2 mins – “split” inner/outer lane combo’) Results: 1. Lewis Gough 33.00 laps (25 pts), 2. Nick Huxley 32.04 (24 pts), 3. Roy Pritchards 31.56 (23 pts), 4. Chris Aston 30.77 (22 pts).

To give new members the opportunity to experience the A Final format, we ran an ‘Extra’ Final.  The driver line-up included first-timer Matt Howard, new members Andrew and Erik and 9 year-old Mark from our Tuesday night Juniors club. Here are the results – good racing everybody!

Extra’ Final (2x2 mins - “split” inner/outer lane combo’) Results: 1. Matt Howard 24.99 laps, 2. Andrew Pillinger 23.38, 3. Erik West 21.52, 4. Mark West 18.95

This Friday we’ll be running Carerra DTM’s : 3 minute heats plus Finals. Doors open 7pm, racing starts 8pm. Reminder from Malcolm – Annual Subs are now due please. Details posted in the Club Room. Thanks everybody.





Congratulations to Lewis, Richy, Ashley, Malcolm and Matt H. (not forgetting series organizer Bill C.) on their performances at round 4 of the National NSR GT3 Series at South Manchester on Sunday. Lewis won Cass 1 and Richy placed 3rd in Class 2.

For all the results and reports see the main GT3 Series thread on Slot Forum.



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Club Championships 2015 (week 24 of 36) – Pre '74 Classic's, Friday 17th July

Wolves Slotcar Club’s “Classics” race-nights are usually close-run affairs – and last Friday evening was no exception – the top four drivers being separated by just over a lap after 12 minutes of racing in the heats. The 1/32 scale models of pre-1974 Sports/GT cars are run in virtually standard trim, with 20k short-can motors (NSR Shark or Scaleauto 008B only) fitted with an 11-tooth pinion driving 10mm max width rear tyres. Several manufactures are producing competitive slot cars – NSR and being the two most popular makes. Chris Aston’s Matra-Simca MS670B set the pace on Friday, top qualifying in the heats with fastest laps on all 4 lanes, before going on to win the A-Final. In tenth place, and 10 laps down after the heats, Nick Wixon had to dig deep to find race-winning pace. And find it he did! Stepping up through the D, C and B Finals to take 4th overall in the A Final. Nick was racing with a GT40 fitted with a Scaleauto 20k motor (sidewinder set-up).

Pre ’74 Classics (International track / 4x3 min heats and Finals): Heats – TQ. Chris Aston 90.04 laps, 2. Roy Pritchards 89.88, 3. Ashley Evans 89.43, 4. Nick Huxley 89.03 (12 racers).



This Friday we’ll be running Open Sports/GT’s: 3 minute heats plus Finals. Doors open 7pm, racing starts at 8pm.






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