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 YULTIDE CUP 2016/17 - Round 1
YTC 2016/17 - Round 1 NSR GT3's - International track...
Ashley wins, Richy breaks NSR GT3 record on white lane again, Bill gives his Scaleauto Viper a test run. Four drivers set fastest lap times. Here are last Friday's race stats...
Results (NSR GT3's 4x4-minute heats, distance totals) - 1. Ashley 121.55 laps, 2. Roy 121.00, 3. Ian 120.04, 4. Richy 119.84, 5. Nick W 119.82, 6. Nick H 118.02, 7. Mike 115.61, 8. Kevin 114.54, 9. John 111.98, 10. Malcolm 106.58, 11. Bill 111.29 (Viper test), 12. Chris ( purchased score).
Fastest laps - White: Richy 7.742 record, Yellow: Roy 7.919s, Red: Nick H 7.800s, Blue: Ashley 7.942s.
This Friday (December 2nd) it's Round 2 of the Yuletide Cup - NSR GT3's (to National Series rules), Aldersley track, 4-minute heats, distance totals. Doors open 7pm, Racing starts 8pm. Please TXT of call 07535 457625 if you won't be racing or if you are running late.
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 B-STAR INTANTO GT3 OPEN 2016 - November 20th

Week 42 - In-lines, International track...
Well that's it for 2016...and what I great season it's been! Congratulations to Nick Huxley on winning the Club Championships and the Ferrari Helmet Challenge. There were National GT3 Championships wins for Lewis Gough and Richy Welch. Our Open meetings saw wins for Ian James (Pre '65 Le Mans & SCCA Classic), Ashley Evans (DTM Open) and at last Sunday's B-Star GT3 Open, another win for Richy in the NSR GT3 event. At club level, 37 new lap records were set this season across both tracks. Mike Gunton won his first Championships Round (Group 5+ in March), Chris took a clean-sweep of wins in Pre '74 Classics. Kevin Sharples completed his first full season of racing, taking over from his son Matt who is studying at Uni. New entrants John Roberts and Andrew Pillinger both made great progress on and off the tracks. Thanks everyone for supporting our club and making 2016 a year to remember. Here are last Friday's race stats...
Results ( In-lines, 4x4-minute heats, distance totals): 1. Chris ( Audi R8C) 123.99 laps, 2. Ian 122.89, 3. Roy 121.50, 4. Nick H 119.90, 5. Richy 118.44, 6. Mike 117.42, 7. Bill 114.57, 8. Kevin 112.90, 9. John 112.75, 10. Malcolm 103.95, 11. Andrew 103.11.
Fastest laps: Chris ( Audi R8C) - White: 7.883s, Yellow: 7.634s, Red; 7.634s, Blue: 7.839s.

Week 41 - Group 5+, International track...
2016 Club Champion Nick Huxley scored his 14th win of the season in last Friday's penultimate round of the championships. Ian finished a close second, with Mike getting ahead to Ashley to take third. Here are the race stats...
Results - Group 5+ (4x3-minute heats, distance totals) - 1. Nick H (Racer Ferrari 512 BB) 94.36 laps, 2. Ian 93.37, 3. Mike 91.95, 4. Ashley 90.91, 5. Chris 90.87, 6. Bill 90.32, 7. Richy 89.48, 8. Nick W 87.57, 9. John 86.93, 10. Kevin 86.66, 11. Andrew 79.93, 12. Malcolm 76.26,
Fastest Laps - Nick Huxley, White: 7.896s, Yellow: 7.753s, Red: 7.621s, Blue: 7.790s.

 Week 40 - Pre '74 Classics, International track... Matra-Simca's finished 1st, 2nd and 4th in last Friday's racing. Also on the pace was a new Thunder Slot Lola T70 MkIII built by Ian from a white kit which he drove into 3rd place. Here are the race stats...
Results (4x3-minute heats, distance totals) - 1, Chris 92.66 laps, 2. Nick H 90.95, 3. Ian 90.92, 4. Richy 88.90, 5. Mike 87.76, 6. Bill 86.71, 7. Kevin 85.58, 8. John 84.99, 9. Nick W 84.57, 10. Malcolm 78.05, 73.03, 11. Andrew 73.03.
Fastest Laps - White: Chris (Matra-Simca MS670B) 7.921s, Yellow: Chris 7.850s, Red: Nick H (Matra-Simca MS670B) 7.831s. Blue: Nick H 7.899s.

 Week 39 - Open GT's, International track...
And the Club Champion for 2016 is ... Nick Huxley!
Second place in last Friday's Open GT racing was enough for Nick to win this year's Championships - with three rounds still to go. Lewis set the pace all evening, setting new class records on all 4 lanes - including a new outright record for the International track - 7.290s on Red lane.  But things went wrong in the final heat when Lewis's car faltered, handing the win to the hard-charging Ashley.
Results (4x4-minute heats, distance totals) - 1. Ashley ( Porsche 911 GT1) 129.06 laps, 2. Nick H. 126.49, 3. Ian 126.01, 4. Chris 125.98, 5. Mike 125.52, 6. Roy 124.60, 7. Lewis 124.54, 8. Nick W 124.17, 9. Richy 123.74, 10. Kevin 119.16, 11. Bill 119.08, 12. John 118.61.
Fastest Laps - Lewis Gough (Slot,it Porsche 911 GT1), White: 7.528s record, Yellow: 7.368s record, Red: 7.290s record, Blue: 7.356s record.

Week 38 - GT3's, International track...
Last Friday's final GT3 round of the year produced the usual close racing. Going into the last sequence of heats it looked like Ian was set for the win. But with a 31-lap run in the penultimate heat Chris managed take the win and 25 points...
Results (GT3's, 4x4-minute heats, distance totals) - 1. Chris (NSR ASV) 122.82 laps, 2. Ian 122.52, 3. Roy 121.86, 4. Nick H 121.83, 5. Richy 120.61, 6. Bill 117.01, 7. Mike 114.88, 8. John 109.43, 9. Malcolm 102.67, 10. Andrew 101.59.
Fastest Laps - White: Ian 7.899s, Yellow: Ian 7.824s, Red: Roy 7.678s, Blue: Chris 7.735s.



DTM Open 2016 - Results
dtm_banner_1.jpgSunday October 16th, Wolverhampton SCC International track...
The first edition of the Wolves DTM Open was attended by 25 racers. A new event for 2016, the race format brought together "box" standard and "modified" 1/32nd scale SCX and Carrera DTM slot cars (as raced full-size in 2013 to 2016 seasons). These impressive model cars can be bought for around £30 and, with a few minor set-up tweaks, are ready to race in the 'Standard' DTM class on our 100 foot permanent 4-lane 'International' circuit.
The meeting began with individual Qualifying runs (3 laps, fastest lap time to count). Drivers were then graded into heats (4x3-minutes, total distances to count. Modified (Class 1) cars and Standard (Class 2) cars ran concurrently in the heats, Based on the results of the heats a series of "step-up" finals decided the finishing order (Class 1 and Class 2 finals ran separately). Most of the drivers raced in both classes, and comparing the average lap times in each, Class 1 (modified) cars were 1.5 seconds per lap faster than Class 2 (standard) cars.
Class 1 Results: 1. Ashley Evans (Carrera BMW M4 DTM, SlotingPlus 3-D chassis), 2. Roy Pritchards (SCX Audi RS5 DTM, SlotingPlus 3-D chassis), 3. Ian James (SCX Audi RS5 DTM, SlotingPlus 3-D chassis). Best Visiting Driver: 4th place overall, James Noake (SCX Mercedes CK DTM, SlotingPlus chassis). Fastest lap: Roy Pritchards 7.799s in Qualifying. 21 competitors.
Class 2 Results: 1. Gary Skipp (Carrera BMW M3 DTM), 2. Matt Tucker (Carrera Audi RS5 DTM), 3. Adam Le Maistre (Carrera RS5 DTM). Best Visiting Driver: 1st place overall, Gary Skipp. Fastest lap: Gary Skipp 9.032s. in Qualifying.  15 competitors.
Full result lists and details of the Wolves DTM Open car regulations can be found on Slot Forum (Events>DTM Open thread). Many thanks on behalf of the Wolverhampton club to everyone for taking part and making the event a success. Special thanks to Ian James who sponsored the main prizes (new SXC DTM car for class winners, plus DTM car accessories for the runners-up). REV
Week 37 - DTM's, International track...
With only 8 drivers attending we raced on 3 lanes; Y-R-B (5-minute heats). Ashley took the win with his Carrera BMW M4 (SlotingPlus 3D chassis), setting a new lap record for Red lane (7.788s). Here are the race stats:-
Friday Champs Results (DTM's 3x5-minute heats, distance totals): 1. Ashley 113.90 laps, 2. Ian 113.12, 3. Chris 113.06, 4. Mike 111.42, 5. Nick H 110.40, 6. Bill 101.93, 7. Andrew 89.05, 8. Malcolm 87.83.
Fastest Laps - Yellow: Ian (SCX Audi RS5 DTM) 7.910s, Red: Ashley (Carrera BMW M4 DTM) 7.788s record, Blue: Chris (Carrera BMW M3 DTM) 7.962s.

Week 36 - Ferrari Double-header, International track...
Nick Huxley wins the final round of the Ferrari Helmet Challenge by 0.02 of a lap from Roy - and wins this year's series with a maximum 80 points. Roy finished second overall with Ian in third. With just 6 rounds to go in the Club Championships, points will be dropped from this Friday onwards. First to drop points with be Nick H and Chris - both drivers not having missed a round so far this season. Here are last Friday's results...
Friday Champs Results (4x3-minute heats, distance totals) - 1. Nick H 93.52 laps, 2. Roy 91.86, 3. Mike 91.08, 4. Ian 91.25, 5. Chris 91.06, 6. Bill 87.81, 7. John 87.63, 8. Kevin 86.50, 9. Malcolm 69.01, 10. Andrew 64.30.
Ferrari Helmet Results (3-minute Finals) - 'C' Final Winner: John 22.49 laps, 'B' Final Winner: Chris 23.46 laps, 'A' Final Results: 1. Nick H 23.89 laps, 2. Roy 23.87 laps, 3. Chris 23.39 laps, 4. Mike 23.17 laps.
Fastest Laps - Nick H (Black Arrow 458 Italia), White: 7.846s. Yellow: 7.667s, Red: 7.606s record, Blue: 7.894s.

 Week 35 - In-lines, Aldersley track...
The last Championships Round on the Aldersley track this season ended with a win for Chris - but it was close! Only 0.24 of a lap separated first and second places: Chris averaged 6.747s laps in the A-final to Ian's 6.812s average. Here are the results...
Heats (3-minutes, distance totals) - 1. Chris 109.21 laps, 2. Ian 107.66, 3. Nick H 107.41, 4. Richy 103.44, 5. Bill 102.84, 6. Mike 102.36, 7. Kevin 101.10, 8. John 99.82, 9. Malcolm 90.82, 10. 86.08.
Finals (3-minute) - C-final Winner: Kevin 25.99 laps, B-final Winner: Richy 26.03 laps, A-final Results: 1. Chris 27.64 laps ( Audi R8C), 2. Ian 27.40 laps, 3. Nick H 26.94 laps, 4. Richy 26.43 laps.
Fastest Laps - Chris - White: 6.784s, Yellow: 6.544s record, Green: 6.615s, Red: 6.582s
Week 34 - Group 5 Plus, Aldersley track...
Nick Huxley wins A-final, less than a lap covers top 4 drivers. Ian sets fastest lap of night (6.694s green lane) to win B-final. Here are the results...
Heats (4x3-minutes, distance totals) - 1. Nick H 106.42 laps, 2. Mike 106.03, 3. Chris 105.47, 4. Richy 103.00, 5. Ian 101.19, 6. Bill 100.03, 7. Matt 99.40, 8. Kevin 99.10, 9. John 98.46, 10. Erik 78.55.
Finals (3-minute) - C-final winner: Kevin 25.19 laps, B-final winner: Ian 26.47 laps, A-final results: 1. Nick H 27.02 laps (Spirit Peugeot Silhouette), 2. Chris 26.85 laps, 3. Mike 26.58 laps, 4. Ian 26.25 laps.
Fastest laps - Yellow: Nick H 6.744s, Green: Ian 6.694s, Red: Chris 6.741s, Blue: Nick H. 6.813s.

 WALES & WEST 2016 Round 5 - Results
September 18th, Wales & West 2016 Round 5, Wolverhampton SCC International track
NSR Classic's: 1. Nick Huxley 86.40 laps, 2. Phil Field 84.81 laps, 3. John Underwood 84.32 laps. GT Cars: 1. Nick Huxley 94.33 laps, 2. Keith Clements 90.16 laps, 3. Phil Field 89.42 laps Guest Drivers: 1. Ashley Evans. "Driver-of-the-Day" Awards - NSR Classics: Colin Rushton. GT Cars: Steve White. 30 drivers took part including 12 guests. For race reports and full results lists please visit Slot Forum (Events>Wales & West Round 5 link).

Week 33 - Pre '74 Classic's, Aldersley track... Matra-Simca's dominate, finishing 1-2-3 in the A-final. Chris makes it 5 wins out of 5 Classic's races so far this season, beats own lap record on green lane. Richy, Nick H and Matt all run sub-seven second laps in the heats chasing the winner.
Heats (5x3-minutes, total distances) - 1. Chris 135.75 laps, 2. Nick H 132.56, 3. Richy 132.56, 4. Mike 128.36, 5. Roy 127.21, 6. Ashley 125.66, 7. Matt 125.51, 8. Ian 124.15, 9. John 121.16, 10. Malcolm 115.96, 11. Kevin 114.96, 12. Andrew 114.57.
Finals (3-minute) - C-final winner: Ian 24.78 laps, B-final winner: Roy 25.92 laps, A-final Results: 1. Chris 27.02 laps ( Matra-Simca 670b), 2. Nick H 26.47 laps, 3. Richy 25.89 laps, 4. Mike 25.82 laps, 5. Roy 25.70 laps.
Fastest laps - Chris, White: 6,744s, Yellow: 6,646s, Green: 6.640s record, Red: 6.745s, Blue: 6.695s.

 WALES & WEST 2016 Round 5, Sunday 18th September
At Wolverhampton Scalextric and Slotcar Club, Claregate Centre, Aldersley Leisure Village, off Hugh Porter Way, Aldersley Road, Wolverhampton, West Midlands WV6 9NW.
2 Classes: NSR Classics (morning session) - Open/Super GT's (afternoon session). Doors open 8.45am. Practice until around 10:30 - 10:45am. Registration/Scrutineering 10am onwards. Tea/Coffee/Soft Drinks. Bacon butties until 12 noon. Toasties/Sandwiches until 2pm.
Race format - 11:00am NSR Classics 4x3or4-minute heats, total distance only. Afternoon session Open/Super GT's 4x3or4 -minute heats, total distance only. Finish time around 4:30pm.
Please enter via SLOT FORUM (Events>WSCC Wales and West thread) so that the host club has some idea of numbers. Guest drivers are welcome. Bill Charters. 

Round 4 of this year's National GT3 Championships (1/32nd scale NRS slot cars) took place on Pendle SCC's 115ft 6-lane custom built track in Nelson, Lancs last Sunday. The entry list included a number of leading racers from the South of England who were taking part in the event for the first time as Guests. Thirty-three racers took part in the qualifying heats and step-up finals. Pete Crane (PSR) drove faultlessly to win the main A-final with Phil Field (Demon) second and Lewis Gough (Wolves) in third place overall. Julian Edwards (East Molesley) placed second in the Guest final, behind home club member Nick Hirst. After 4 rounds, Wolves SCC drivers top the standings in both Championships; Lewis Gough leads Class 1 and Richy Welch leads in Class 2 (over 51's).
The final round - Round 5 - will take place at North Staffs SRC on Sunday October 2nd. Full details of the event plus the current championships standings can be found on Slot Forum ('Events' - then follow the main NSR GT3 Championships thread). REV

MRE Pre'65 Le Mans & SCCA Classic 2016
MRE Pre ’65 Le Mans & SCCA Classic 2016, Wolverhampton SCC International track –

Results: Concours d’Elegance (1949-1964 cars): 1. Alexis Gaitanis, 2. John Roberts, 3. Lee Thomas (10 entrants). Class 1 (1959-1964 cars): 1. Mick Kerr, 2. Richy Welch, 3. James Noake (17 entrants). Class 2 (1949-1958 cars): 1. Ian James, 2. Dick Smith, 3. Mick Kerr (14 entrants). For race report visit Slot Forum Events. More photos from the event can be found on Facebook    

National NSR GT3 Series 2016 - Round 2
Round 2 of this year's National NSR GT3 Series took place at South Manchester SCC on Sunday April 17. Lewis Gough took first place in Class 1 ahead of Adam Le Maistre and Phil Field. Richy Welch was third in Class 2 which was won by Jeff Norton with Mark Warburton in second. Thirty-three drivers took part. Complete results, race report and latest championships standings will be posted on Slot Forum (Events-NSR GT3 Series). Next Round: R3, Rockingham Sunday June 19. 




Early Birds 2016 – Main Results : Concours d’Elegance: 1.. Martin De’Ath 1931 Mercedes SSK GP, 2. Mick Kerr 1938 Mercedes W154 GP, 3. Peter Emery 1950 Lago Talbot GP (12 entries). Pre-1951 GP Cars: 1. Jon Grainger, 2. Mick Kerr, 3. Ian Fitzpatrick, 4. Peter Emery. 1951-60 Formula 1 Early Birds Final (50 laps): 1. Phil Field, 2. Peter Crane, 3. Nick Hirst, 4, Ian James. (32 competitors). For results list and race report visit Slot Forum 'Events' and look for Early Birds 2016.





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